Hyperion Tower Type STS

Hyperion Series Tower Type STS is a standalone solution designed for high current loads, industrial sites,  and other applications where the STS needs to be installed on a flat floor.

Hyperion Series STS provides instantaneous transfer between 2 power sources in less than 4 ms. If one power source fails, the STS switches to the back-up power source so fast that the load never recognizes the transfer.


• Standalone Cabinet
• Touchscreen Panel
• Thyristor Controlled
• Uninterruptible Transfer
• Source Priority Selection
• Maintenance Bypass
• 2 Years Warranty

Thyristor Controlled
Transfer Type
Make Before Break
Maintenance Bypass
1-0-2 Manual Switch Selector
Standalone Tower Type
Synchronous Transfer
<4 ms (less than ¼ cycle at 50 Hz)
Output Protection
Circuit Breaker
Touchscreen Panel