Hyperion Thyristor Battery Charger

Hyperion Series Thyristor Battery Chargers are designed for charging batteries, providing clean energy and power backup to critical DC loads like telecom equipment, substations, transformer centers, emergency lights and security systems. Transformer based design provides long lifetime, low maintenance and operation in harsh conditions.

Hyperion Rectifiers provide full protection including DC leakage and earth fault. Charger enclosures can be manufactured with or without battery compartments. Float and boost voltages are selectable. Parallel redundant working is allowed up to 8 units.


• Thyristor Controlled
• Galvanic Isolation via Transformer
• Graphic LCD Display
• 6 or 12 Pulse Options
• Total Protection
• 3 Stage Charging
• Load Output with Dropper Diode
• 2 Years Warranty

Thyristor Controlled Full Bridge AC/DC Rectifier
Automatic Microprocessor Controlled
Overload, Over Temp, Short Circuit, Earth Fault, High/Low Voltage
Output Voltage and Current
0 - 100% Digitally Adjustable
Charging Protocol
Constant Current and Voltage
Charging Stages
Boost, Equalize and Float
Graphic LCD Display