Hyperion Air Cooled Thyristor Plating Rectifier

Hyperion Plating Rectifiers are designed for anodizing, plating and galvanizing processes which provides strength to metal. Hyperion Plating Rectifiers are full automatic control and can easily be integrated into the automation infrastructure of an existing plant.

Air cooling option has the advantage of providing smaller footprint and lesser weight to the unit. Automatic micron control system allows complete process control including bath temperature control, Ah counter and automatic dosing. IP65 HMI touchscreen panel is long-lasting and reliable. Remote panel can be extended to provide monitoring and control of the rectifier in a separate room.


• High Current Applications
• Forced Air Cooling
• Thyristor Controlled
• 6 or 12 Pulse Options
• Transformer Based Technology
• Remote Panel
• 2 Years Warranty

Transformer Based Full Bridge AC/DC Rectifier
6 or 12 Pulse Thyristor Controlled
Output Voltage
0 - 100% Digitally Adjustable
Output Current
0 - 100% Digitally Adjustable
Operation Mode
Local, Remote or Both
Polarity Reversing
Forced Air Cooling with Axial Fans