Three-Phase Modular Online UPS

Savior three-phase 3 level design Modular Type Online UPS ranged between 20 – 1500 kVA is scalable, low footprint, compact and most advanced solution to get uninterrupted and reliable energy for any of your critical loads like data centers, hospitals, banks and security applications. Hot swappable design allows to change the module without interrupting the load.

Savior Series Modular UPS has industrial design with parallel operation up to 8 units, allowing to increase power to increase the output. Modbus and SNMP interface provides easy BMS and SCADA integration.


• Compact Modular Design
• 3 Level Online UPS
• Hot-Swappable
• Input Power Factor Correction
• 1.0 Output Power Factor
• Low Footprint
• ECO Mode for Energy Saving
• Up to 8 pcs N+1 Parallel Operation
• Maintenance and Automatic Bypass
• 2 Years Warranty

From 20 kVA to 1500 kVA
Power Factor
1.0 (kVA=kW)
3 Level Online UPS with DSP Control
Input Voltage
±25% at Full Load
≤ 3% at Full Load
<2% (at linear full load)
95% at Full Load, >98% at Eco Mode
Short Circuit, Overload, Battery Fuse, Bypass, Over-temp