Line Interactive UPS

Savior Series Line Interactive UPS is integrated with AC voltage stabilizer and surge voltage protection to be used in office spaces and homes. With its compact size, full functionality, high efficiency and high reliability, the Line Interactive UPS is perfect for small applications.

Savior Series Line interactive UPS is always in by-pass mode while the mains is on and during power outage it provides electricity for the connected device. Operating time of the line interactive UPS cannot be increased by adding extra batteries. For applications needing long backup time, an Online UPS is required.



• Compact Size
• Microprocessor Control
• Sine Wave Output
• Off-mode Charging
• Generator Compatible
• Built-in Self-Diagnostics
• Best for PC, Tablets, Office Equipment
• 2 Years Warranty

Line Interactive Standby Power
Integrated AC Voltage Stabilizer
Voltage Range
160-290 Vac
Simulated Sinewave
Transfer Time
<4 ms
Power Factor
Overload and Over Voltage Protection