Hyperion Forklift Battery Charger

Hyperion series Forklift Battery Chargers are designed for charging batteries used in forklifts, construction equipment and other high rate battery applications. The unit performs charging with the highest yield due to it being microprocessor controlled. Charging starts automatically as soon as battery is connected and is turned off automatically as the process is completed.

Real time information and warnings can be monitored easily thanks to the LED indicators which come standard with the charger.


• Compact Size
• High Efficiency
• Current and Voltage Controlled
• Smart Charging System
• LCD Panel and LED Indicators
• Automatic Shutdown
• All Type of Batteries
• 2 Years Warranty

Smart Charger
Current and Voltage Controlled
MCB, Overload Protection, Soft Start
Control Type
Thyristor and Diode Group
End of Charging
Automatic Shutdown at the End of Process
LCD Panel and LED Indicators
Natural Air Cooling