Single-Phase 1-3 kVA Online UPS

Savior single-phase 1-3 kVA Online UPS is designed for computers and office equipment. Compact sized design provides bigger power density for expected space utilization. Recommended for the precious equipment with high reliability and high power quality demand.

Savior Online UPS is designed be used to supply electricity to vital important equipment such as medical devices, operating rooms in hospitals, ultrasound equipment, security systems, all kinds of automation systems, servers and telecom equipment.


• True Double Conversion
• Input Power Factor Correction
• Output Power Factor 0.9
• Wide Input Voltage
• Generator Compatible
• USB, RS-232 Standard
• Soft Start Capacity
• 2 Years Warranty

Double Conversion Online UPS with DSP Control
Power Factor
Input Voltage
160-300V at Full Load
Crest Factor
3:1 at Full Load
Transfer Time
0 ms (from battery)
Pure Sinewave
Overload, Short-circuit and Over Voltage Protection